Coffee Break Chats with the CEO-Resilience- a secret ingredient!

“RESILIENCE 💪 is a MAJOR KEY”🔐 In both your personal and business life, how you bounce back and keep moving can be determined by a few things. One of these is RESILIENCE! There will be challenges, wins & losses, 🥇moments of euphoria 🥳closely followed by a setback- and in an entrepreneur’s life, that can all be within one week! 🤯 💥 There have been many testing moments on our journey, and without crafting a spirit of resilience and “emotional toughness” there would be no Grabby Bag. And that would mean losing our way and our PURPOSE. The very core of our business goes beyond the highlights to helping people in their (usually) very private moments of need. And while things can get tough, remembering your WHY 🧐and building up your RESILIENCE MUSCLE, will get you over and through #whateverlifethrowsatyou!! Like anything, practice makes perfect, so keep flexing that resilience muscle and don’t forget, keep smiling through it! ☀️Your attitude can take you places your hard work & talent can’t reach- but that’s another post! #resilience#smile #blog#joy #toughenough #work #mumpreneur #lifestyleblogger #tips #businesstips #business #fempreneur #fempire #attitude

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