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Get it while it lasts- we won’t be doing these packs again for a while! To carry us through that “almost-there” feeling, we decided to help give our GrabbyFam a taste of the near future with a ‘hotel-at-home’ (or wherever you may be) feeling!

Jam-packed with selected luxury items and a few of our most popular items, what’s not to love? 

  • Silky Gold-Tassled Gown with Kimono-Style Sleeves
  • An Empowering “Daily Affirmations” Tote
  • Divinely Scented Soy Candle in a Reusable Gold Flecked Glass
  • Branded GrabbyBag Spa Slippers 
  • GrabbyBag Lotion & Shower Gel- fan fav!!
  • Small Hand Towel & Nail Kit
  • Mini Chocolate 

All included *while stocks last!